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SEO with Google My Business

If you own a brick-and-mortar business or a retail storefront, you know how vitally important it is to get customers in the door. But what if they can’t find you? Or worse, what if they do a search on the web for your particular specialty but find your competition instead? Google My Business search engine optimization from WebPerfex can get you seen in your local area.

Mobile is Key

This is particularly important for smart phone users, who may be out running errands and need or are curious about what you have to offer and do a quick search on their phone. Cell phones are tuned in to helping people find nearby locations quickly and easily, and if you’re not on Google My Business, you’re missing out on critical traffic from the very people you’re hoping to reach.

Fortunately, at WebPerfex, we understand the business of local search engine optimization. Not only can we help create Google My Business listing for your business, but we can also help you get it noticed among the dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors with listings just like yours. How do we do it?

Information in the Palm of Your Hand

A great deal of what goes into the Google My Business listing is meant to be viewed and used on a cell phone. That means short, to-the-point text, tap-able “click to call” and easy-to-use directions as well as relevant contact information, including website. It’s vital to always keep this information up to date but also keep it contained within a small, vertical space – as you won’t have much room to elaborate when a cell phone user is scrolling through the results.

Another key differentiating factor here are the categories you choose to represent your business. With Google My Business, the approach is much different than trying to optimize pages for search engines. Here, it’s better to choose broad, all-encompassing categories rather than specific keywords that focus on the attributes of your business. This is because everyone approaches search differently, and you want to ensure that your business comes up for the right words and phrases that describe it as a whole, not in terms of what it offers.

Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be. More than ever, Google My Business is changing how people shop locally on the web. It’s time to claim a piece of this lucrative business for yourself – starting today.

Don’t Miss Out On Local Traffic!

Whether you have a website or not, get in touch with the experts at WebPerfex to learn more about our attentive, comprehensive Google My Business optimization service. Contact us today and reach more customers than you ever thought possible!