Working on growing, expanding and developing your online business can be exciting and profitable, especially if you know what you are doing. Having a website is usually not enough to give your business the online exposure it needs to thrive. To be a success, businesses need to have a strong online presence in this age of technology.

According to recent statistics users make several billion Google searches each day. Your main goal for your company should be that it shows up high in the ranks of search results. The more your business appears for each search result, the easier it would be for relevant parties to make the most of it. Companies thus make great efforts to come on the first page of search results for maximum reachability.

As you can tell, there are several Google ranking factors that can influence your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and overall position. Online tools such as ‘Google My Business’ provide companies with services to enhance their overall ranking and strengthen their customer base. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the Google Ranking factors of 2021, and how to optimize your business profile. Let’s go make the most of this information.

Optimizing your "Google My Business" Profile

The ‘Google My Business’ profile is an excellent way to engage with new and old customers. Various things like fresh online content and customer reviews can help increase your company’s overall ranking during a Google search. Here are some things that you can try to improve your company’s overall profile.


Colorful pictures and related visual aids are a great strategy for attracting customers. To boost your website, include pictures of your company’s product or location to help your profile stand out. Make sure you preview your proposed photo post to ensure it matches your company’s vibe.

Complete the Profile

It is essential to complete your company’s online profile to make it more accessible to potential customers. People are more likely to trust those companies which have a profile with all its business information mentioned.

Make Regular Updates

The importance of constantly engaging with your audience helps establish your company’s name in online circles. Making regular posts regarding any promotions or deals can help make your website more visible.

Include Reviews

Many people check the reviews of websites and businesses to judge the company’s reputation in the market. Including reviews helps new clients understand the company and what it has to offer. This would improve its overall ranking.

Make the Most of "Insights"

A tool called ‘Insights’ is present in ‘Google My Business’ which helps searchers track particular information regarding your business. ‘Insights’ helps identify which post garnered more attention, to help you understand the market demand to generate future post activity.

Add Special Features

Whether it is buttons linking information to menus and specials, adding special features to your website is a great way to jazz up your company’s services. Things like this help improve the overall visibility of your business, and make it more user-friendly.

Mention Other Amenities

To establish a solid customer base, it is a good idea to mention the amenities offered by your company. Customers would gravitate towards businesses that they can trust. Thus, by adding a list of amenities in your business ‘Info’ would help improve your company’s overall Google ranking.

Boosting your "Google My Business" Ranking

There are numerous things that you can try to improve your overall ‘Google My Business’ profile.

Add Citations

One of the most important things to do is to add all your business information on the website. Mention your company’s address, phone number, and even your business URL to help Google authenticate your company.

Establish Good Backlinks

The significance of establishing good backlinks cannot be understated. Backlinks are a link from another website which connects to yours, adding some measure of credibility to your company. Backlinks from renowned sources can help your business generate more online traffic. Usually, websites with lower ranking do not have good backlinks to help establish their reputation. Promotions running across multiple websites are an excellent backlink to use.

Optimize your Site

If you want your website to be recognized as a top service provider, web optimization is an essential tool. The layout of your site and the way it has been optimized would impact user experience and subsequently your Google ranking.

To optimize your site, you can add a title tag to provide a short overview of what kind of content is displayed on your site. Similarly, a description tag can help reinforce what your business can provide, enabling it to be found easily by a simple Google search. Sites that contain easy-to-find general information will typically have a higher ranking on Google. The landing page should contain important information such as the company’s name, location, and services.

Things that Impact your company’s Google search ranking

As you can guess, there are several things that can impact the Google algorithm and the way it treats your company.

Ease of Access on Mobiles

Many people use mobile phones to visit websites, thus sites should be compatible with mobiles as well as desktops.

Website Security

Your website should be secure to have a good ranking. Well-coded websites are safer to browse.

Content Quality

Improve your overall ranking by posting quality content regularly. Make sure the content you upload is original and reflects your personality.

Add Keywords

Make sure the keywords for your website reflect the content of the site and your business at large. This will help Google match your company to related searches more effectively.

High Loading Speed

Let’s face it, websites that take longer to load often make the clients lose interest. The best websites are those which load quickly, even on handheld mobile devices.

Need Google SEO Help?

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