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6 Powerful Benefits Of Using PPC Advertising

Why You Should Include PPC Ads In Your Marketing Mix

Immediate Impact

While SEO can take time before you start seeing a steady ROI, PPC allows you to get first-page exposure in less than a day.

Precise and Targeted Reach

We identify and market to your specific audience helping you target customers more accurately than ever before.

Measurable ROI

Access every detail relating to impressions, clicks, and conversions and access your campaign's performance.

Increase Leads and Sales

Get relevant traffic and targeted visitors that already have an interest in your specific product or service.

Control Your Budget

No unexpected bills as you can limit your daily ad spend. Access data and see exactly how your budget was spent.

Only Pay for Clicks

You only pay for your PPC advertisement if someone clicks on your ad, providing a chance for conversion.

Pay Per Click Management

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most popular online advertising methods available today – simply because it works. Few other strategies let you have precise control over your budget while targeting the very keywords that bring you relevant, ready to act customers.

So What’s the Problem?

Sounds great, right? Except that, for the uninitiated, PPC management can be frustration after frustration. The system is designed so that real-time changes bring real-time results, which means you could be overspending your budget on a few select keywords that bring you neither traffic nor profits.

What’s more, your competitors are likely bidding on those very same keywords, leading to a bidding war of “who has the largest pockets” which can decimate even the most competitive small businesses. If you’re not careful, you can eat up your budget with little or nothing to show for it.

How WebPerfex Can Help

We understand the highly competitive and stringent budget processes of pay per click management. Many large companies have in house PPC managers whose full time job it is to edit bids, manage ad campaigns and squeeze every drop of search engine optimization juice from their paid ad campaigns. For Sacramento small businesses, hiring a full-time staff just to manage ads is something their budget simply doesn’t allow for – which is why there’s WebPerfex.

Unparalleled Accuracy

One of the biggest pitfalls with pay per click management is targeting your ad campaigns correctly. Choosing a broad keyword like “shoes” will get you all kinds of traffic – but it may be traffic that’s not looking to buy. They could be looking for dress shoes, tennis shoes, shoes for kids – and those are all possibly things that you don’t carry.

More targeted keywords like “Nike mens running shoes” will help you reach that exact searcher right when they’re looking to buy. And your well-optimized, fast-loading site is what will keep them on your pages and ready to checkout.

It’s this kind of accuracy and attention to detail that will help you reach more targeted customers with less ad spend.

Engaging Ads

Getting your ads to come up when customers search for your best keywords is only half the battle. Targeting the right keywords will help you reach them, but once your ads are displayed alongside your competitors’ ads – who gets the click?

That’s why engaging ads that are well-written, incorporate the searcher’s keywords and entice them to click for more are what ultimately get their attention. There are several ways to do this, and the professionally trained copywriters at WebPerfex know exactly which psychological buttons to push.

Don’t worry, it’s not all about discounts, discounts, discounts – we want you to earn more business, not less! Understanding the customer, the language they use and learning precisely what their needs are, are just a few of the ways we work hard to bring you highly targeted customers that are looking to browse – and buy.

The Expertise and Experience to Make Results Happen

The WebPerfex team is well versed in both ad campaign writing and budget management. Think of us as your in-house team without the in-house costs. We’ve worked on campaigns large and small, so you can feel confident that your PPC accounts are in good hands.

If you’re frustrated with always having to manage bids or your ad quality is suffering and causing your ads not to be displayed in a place where customers can easily see and want to click them, get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote.

Good PPC management isn’t just a one-off thing. It takes consistency, an eye for detail and a unique understanding of your target audience to see results that pay for themselves. By working with WebPerfex, you’ll be entrusting your pay per click management to a team that has the experience and expertise to help you save money while reaching the right kind of customers.

Don’t Let Poor PPC Management Eat Up Your Budget!

See for yourself how our personal touch and unique approach can help you set up, manage and profit from pay per click marketing. We pride ourselves on giving every client the kind of one on one attention they deserve, and we’re ready to work with you!

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