Connecting with new people in order to increase your social and professional interaction is one of the crucial things you need to do if you wish to advance your career being a founder of a small business, a mid-level professional, or a fresh graduate.

Networking events can help you find and connect with people relevant to your business field and interest. But finding the right type of networking event in a city as diverse as Sacramento can be a bit of a challenge.

We realize you already have enough on your plate. So, to help you out, we have compiled a list of top 5 networking events in Sacramento that can help you widen your social and professional network that could be helpful for your business or career.

But before we get into the list, let’s talk about the benefits of attending such networking events to give you some motivation:

Reasons to Attend Networking Events in Sacramento

Increase the Visibility of Your Business

Although what you know is important when starting or growing your business, the people you know are equally important. Developing your brand and making it more visible requires networking.

Allows You to Keep Up with Trends

Typically, networking gatherings include presentations that are both educational and entertaining. Attending those presentations allows you to stay current with trends and discuss them with people in similar situations about what they mean for their business.

Builds Professional Relationships

It is surprising how these events can connect you with people who can assist you or who you can assist. You develop relationships with like-minded individuals when you converse with them during or after an event. This frequently results in invitations to other important industry events or a new acquaintance with someone who may be a key contact.

Source of Inspiration

Another significant advantage of networking events is meeting individuals in similar situations to you and chatting to them about topics that could assist you in developing and growing your business.

Now, let’s check out this list of the top networking events in Sacramento:

Top 5 Networking Events in Sacramento

The Sacramento Speakers Network

Professional speakers, business people, investors, entrepreneurs, analysts, trainers, educators, specialists, and authors may form alliances and associations and exchange ideas through the Sacramento Speakers Network. You will have the opportunity to interact with various members or participants of the event, regardless of whether you are a seasoned business professional or a novice speaker.

The Sacramento Social Media Club

The Sacramento Social Media Club was established in 2009, and after that, it has served as the focal point for regional and local events focusing on social and online media. This is the ideal place to begin if you want to join the debate about Sacramento on social media or online or if you're looking for ideas to build an active online community. Check the club's official website to find out when and where the next event will take place.

Rockstar Connect

Although this event is held just a bit outside of Sacramento, in Granite Bay, Roseville, or Rocklin, it is too good to miss, especially if you live nearby. You have a lot of time to socialize with guests at this event.

There aren't any speakers at this event who you, as a member, are required to listen to, which sets it apart from others. Most individuals aren't seeking to sell you products; instead, they're trying to connect with you in a way that will be good for business.

Participants are always advised to purchase a drink from the bar to make friends and present themselves in the best possible light for the venue hosting. Tickets are free; however, you must sign up on the ticket distribution website. Passes for the Rockstar Connect are available at Eventful.

The Sacramento Network After Work

Additionally, Network After Work arranges frequent gatherings for executives from every possible background and profession. You may connect and socialize with professionals at all stages of their careers at these events, which are held at a different venue each month.

The Sacramento Metro Edge Event

The Sacramento Metro Edge is a small company that aims to connect and guide the young professional community. Sacramento Metro Edge is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and Sacramento neighborhoods.

Members of it are drawn from for-profit and non-profit organizations. They advise stepping outside of your comfort zone when it comes to networking. On their website, Metro Edge lists events that they are hosting. You have the choice to join them as a member or buy tickets to the event they are holding.

Make sure to follow up on the official websites of these events to receive updates about any upcoming events these agencies might be organizing. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a new Sacramento business owner, or stepping into a new career, attending these networking events in Sacramento might give a boost to your motivation. So don’t miss out on the opportunity of attending one!