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When you have a website built and launched, you may think it’s time to sit back, relax and let the business start rolling in. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance that’s not likely to happen for two reasons: your site needs to be fresh, and secure.

Sites Need to Be Fresh

People visit websites and often return to them to not just get a sense of things like offer, pricing and other details, but because they’re new and relevant. If your visitors are faced with the same, possibly outdated, information, they’re going to assume the same about your product or service.

What’s more, fresh sites that are regularly maintained also rank higher in the search engines. Google and others find that their own visitors respond well to sites that are well-maintained, so it’s in their best interest to rank those sites higher than others. Plus, people enjoy visiting sites that are timely and updated regularly. Just look at the sheer popularity of blogs and social networks if you don’t believe us!

Sites Need to Be Secure

In addition to having consistently fresh content, website maintenance often deals with security issues. New patches, fixes and other updates are released often, and failing to implement those updates on a timely basis could leave your site open to being hacked or compromised.

Good website maintenance ensures that you’re running the very latest scripts, content management platforms and other features that are designed to keep your web page humming along and your visitors’ personal information safe and sound.

Website Maintenance – Do It Yourself?

We’re often asked whether or not it’s a good idea to handle website maintenance on your own. You’ll be glad to know that WebPerfex has a great deal of experience with content management platforms and other systems that allow users with even basic technical knowledge to be able to update their websites.

For example, WordPress, our preferred content management system, allows users to update:

<ul> <li>Text</li> <li>Images</li> <li>Video</li> <li>Add new pages</li> <li>Add new blog posts</li> <li>And much more</li> </ul>

If you can use a word processor, you’ll love the familiarity and ease of use you get when using WordPress. We also have experience using in-house and other content management platforms to make adding new articles, news videos and other snippets easy and straightforward.

Hire a Pro

Of course, we also realize that even if you do have the expertise to do it yourself, you might also not have the time. By leaving your website maintenance needs in the capable hands of our web professionals, you’re not just saving potentially hours of time – you’re freeing up yourself to do what you do best without getting stuck in all the technical details.

By trusting WebPerfex to handle all your Sacramento web maintenance, you can feel confident and assured that your website is secure, relevant and fresh. Visitors will continue to come back for the latest news and videos, and you’ll consistently see improved rankings in the search engines as regular updates make their way through the web. It’s a win-win for everyone!

What’s the Next Step?

Website maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you need major updates, including upgrading your content management system, performing a web security audit or adding products from your inventory to your e-commerce site, WebPerfex can handle it all with ease.

Just need smaller updates? We’d be delighted to give you a custom quote that’s in line with your needs and budget. Put an end to technical snafus and code overwhelm! Hire the WebPerfex team to help you set up a straightforward, easy-to-update content management system to take full control of your website, or let us handle all the work for you!

Let Us Handle The Work For You

We do updates on your schedule – right when you need them, so there’s never any need to wait and wonder if that big sale announcement got posted in time. With WebPerfex on your side, your website can be the true sales vehicle it was meant to be!

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