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To put it simply, web hosting is where your website files “live”. But the truth is much more complex than that. A poor web hosting choice can mean downtime for you and headaches and frustration for your visitors and customers. Slow connections mean canceled orders and abandoned shopping carts. Truly premium grade web hosting includes multiple concurrent connections and makes your files accessible from a variety of data centers around the world for faster loading. That means no matter where your customers are located, they get a blazing fast website loading and navigation experience.

A Premium Without Paying The Premium

At WebPerfex, our web hosting team proactively tests, maintains and manages servers locally and around the world to ensure they meet our strict compliance requirements. By partnering with top tier network providers, we’re able to offer the most space and bandwidth at an affordable monthly and yearly price – saving you money without compromising on service. Our web hosting services span a broad range of offers to fit businesses large and small, including:

COLUMNS HERE Shared Hosting Got a small business on a tight budget? Shared hosting is the perfect solution for you. With a low number of accounts per server, you never have to worry about running out of resources. Plus you get all the features you’d expect for less including one-click script installation, email, design tools and much more.

Dedicated Hosting Want all that raw server power for yourself? Dedicated hosting is the plan for you. Never worry about your site going down because of bandwidth overload. We have the resources on tap to make sure you can handle traffic spikes with ease.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Want even more customizability? VPS hosting is perfect for people who want full control over their web hosting experience. When downtime just isn’t an option, a Virtual Private Server gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to handle the kind of traffic or complex applications that would crash smaller, unprepared servers.

VPS Cloud Hosting Get all the benefits of a virtual private server – in the cloud! Cloud computing puts resources precisely where they’re needed – and it does it on a global scale. Cloud hosting makes your files available at international points around the world, all perfectly synced and ready to load at blazing fast speed. Completely reliable. Totally scalable.

Email Hosting

Tired of the hassle and expense of running your own in-house mail server? Put an email to email worries with email hosting from WebPerfex. Even if you’re currently happy with your current email service, what if you need to switch email addresses, or your website goes down? That means your email stops. Completely. And what’s worse, your IT staff may not be able to give you any idea of when your account will be back up again.

Don’t lose business to lost email messages. We provide unparalleled email hosting services including dedicated business email, shared exchange, cloud-based email and much more. By having your email messages routed and managed externally, you dramatically lower the risk of lost messages, routing errors and other problems that can plague in-house servers.

Think of your in-house system as a one-lane dirt road with a sudden influx of traffic. People would struggle to get through, and some would simply turn around and leave. With WebPerfex, your mail server becomes a multi-lane highway, effortlessly sending and receiving messages exactly where they need to go with zero hassle.

Productivity and Privacy

The end result? Your productivity skyrockets, customers get prompt answers to their messages and your business looks even more customer-centered and support-focused. Who knew that your email system could do so much?

And as with all of our services, we value your privacy and provide complete confidentiality for all your messages. That is our guarantee to you no matter which of our email hosting services you choose. Get in touch with us today to learn about our affordable email hosting rates for businesses of all sizes!

Never Worry About Server Downtime Again!

Make the smart choice in web and email hosting by choosing WebPerfex as your trusted partner. With an unbeatable uptime guarantee and resources available on-demand to match your site space and bandwidth, you can relax and let us handle the heavy lifting!

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