Panda/Penguin Recovery

If your site has been affected by a Penguin/Panda penalty and you’re struggling to get back in Google’s “good graces”, there are several methods that can be used to propel your site confidently through the results pages and back into the high ranking spotlight.

Penalized by Google Panda or Penguin? Not Sure Your Site Will Ever Enjoy its Former High Ranking? WebPerfex Can Help!

A few years ago, Google introduced a new set of ranking instructions and algorithms, code-named Panda and Penguin. These were designed to shuffle lesser quality “content farm” sites to the bottom of the rankings pile, but in doing so, may have also upset legitimate sites as well. Website owners discovered that their traffic tanked overnight, and struggled to rebuild their business. Even those not caught by the Penguin/Panda penalty were feeling the brunt of the rankings losses, as many of the sites affected were linking to them.

My Site is Penalized, Help!

We Work With Google to Remove Your Penalty

At the heart of the penalty is a database of “demotions”. These are sites and keywords that Google has found to be in violation and hence demoted from their rankings. The only way to get off of this database is to work with Google to demonstrate that your site has recovered from its missteps and is seeking more reputable improvements. Even if you are removed from the demotions database, that still isn’t enough for your site to get “back into the game”. Penalties have to be removed, through a series of comprehensive (and often cumbersome) steps. The process can vary from a few days, to a few weeks..

What Happens After My Site’s Penalties and Demotions are Removed?

After these blemishes have been removed from your site, you’ll start to rank again, although only Google knows precisely where and when. At this point, you’re back in action, and it will take continual, reliable, clean search engine optimization to help your site rank (or re-rank) for your best keywords. It’s possible that you’ll be back up at the coveted top spot in the rankings from the moment your penalties are removed, but it’s also possible that you will be on page 2 or 3.

The only thing that can help restore your ranking is the gradual, natural use of best search engine optimization practices – a suite of tools and services that the team at WebPerfex are highly experienced and proficient in.

Get Back On Track To Success!

With our commitment to restoring your ranking and removing impactful poor optimization marks from damaging your site’s position further, you’ll be on the right track to restoring your traffic and gaining new customers. Don’t let your site languish on the last few pages of the search results, or simply not be found by customers at all. Take proactive steps now to restore your site’s position and achieve the rankings you deserve.

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