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Have you ever noticed that some local (and national) sites on Google have a listing of reviews and ratings? Have you ever wondered how they got them, and how you can too?

The answer is citation building.

Much More Than Just A Review

When a user conducts a search on Google, particularly when using a mobile phone, attractive, well-optimized results typically appear in the shaded area at the top – known as “the Ribbon”.

These top ranking sites aren’t just there randomly. They got there through the systematic use of solid Google Places ranking criteria. At WebPerfex, we understand this criteria and know precisely how to leverage it to help you (and your customers) see your business in the “Ribbon” spotlight.

What Exactly Is a Citation?

Think of a citation as a mark of reputability. It’s a way of saying “This site is legitimate and does what it promises”. The more citations a website has, the better its perceived quality. But this isn’t just about reviews. Too often, service businesses focus on having spotless, five star reviews when we all know that just isn’t the reality of things. They waste time scrubbing reviews that are misleading and unpopular, but can make themselves out to look bad in the process.

Citations enable you to not only stake your claim in the search engine results pages, but do so in a way that shows you mean business. At WebPerfex, we can help you build full, comprehensive citations that reflect positively on your business in a way that lends even more credibility to your offer, product or service.

Stand Our From The Crowd

But just getting citations isn’t enough. You have to be able to command attention at the top of the results pages. Everything, from the content you use to the images you choose has an impact on how well your site stands out in the midst of competition. That’s why we carefully build citations by choosing the best possible imagery, copy and details to make your listing look absolutely irresistible.

Don’t settle for leftovers or “table scraps” from the big guys in the top rankings. Take bold steps today to place your website prominently at the top of the listings and get the local business you deserve. Contact the professionals at WebPerfex at (916) 572-7783 and let our seasoned professionals help you through the process from start to finish.

Get The Local Business You Deserve

Even if you just have questions about how citations work, we would be delighted to answer all your questions and provide greater clarification on how to use this search engine optimization platform to its fullest.

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